Part one of an interview with: Ren

As promised, the beginning to a wonderful interview with Ren.


Part One: Making the show


Making the show, I saw the show it was amazing I really enjoyed it can you talk about how you translated those feelings onto a stage presence.


Um...I will do my best.

I think the only thing that’s really being’s more that I’m concentrating, defining moments in each of those parts of my journey, distilling them to a few moments or a scene or whatever, even a few minutes because there’s so much breath that happened in reality to have to experience and so much thought and emotion and feeling up and down a roller coaster over and over again that I had to really just get a little bite of it in the show and then hopefully each of those bites together creates a journey as well. So in terms of translating it to a show, I had to concentrate it a little bit and also think cohesively from stage to stage or sene to scene what things are going to also bring the whole audience on a journey with me so that we can come to a similar place at the end of...I guess getting over our labels used as prisons rather than empowerment. And get over our need to judge other people in order to make ourselves and our communities feel succinct and safe and certain and complete and good enough, which I think is something that we suffer from in the queer community in all of our little permutations. And I got a lot of help. I have a very fine director, Peter Larsen, who helped me do some dramaturgy as well of developing the story and asking the right questions of me so that I can produce the part of the writing that wasn’t more true but was more complementary to the rest of the script. So that’s just an ongoing thing and there have been drafts and drafts and drafts and drafts of the show and lots of experimentation of making things funny and finding funny in the horrible stuff that happens to nearly every queer and gender variant person at some point or another.


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